If you’re a runner – no matter if you’re just starting out or an ultra-marathon aficionado – there are a few choices you’re likely to encounter while establishing yourself in the sport. For instance…

  • Are you interested in running the road, or on trails?
  • Are you looking to build on your endurance, your speed, or both in tandem?
  • Are you running to compete with others or just to reach your personal potential?

We know there’s a lot to think about here, and your answers to these questions are entirely dependent on your personal reasons for embracing the sport and fitness goals along the way. One of the most divisive “running questions,” however, is the debate: Should you be training for runs on a treadmill or outside?

Though many purists shy away from treadmills, at Trojan, we recognise that our innovative technology has built machines that “one-up” road running in several significant and notable ways:

1.Running in a controlled environment

A treadmill provides a controlled environment where you can adjust the incline, speed, and temperature to your liking. This can be particularly beneficial if you live in a location with harsh weather conditions or air pollution, making outdoor running difficult.

As we head into icy winter mornings here in South Africa, your motivation to go for a morning run is going to be significantly higher if you can do that run in a well-lit environment, without freezing your hands off! There’s absolutely no “honour in discomfort” in suffering through bad conditions to get your miles in. What matters is consistency, which is way more likely if you’re more motivated to run comfortably.

2.Reduced impact and shock on your body

Running on a treadmill can reduce the impact on your joints, particularly if you use a treadmill with shock-absorbing features. This can be especially helpful for people who have joint pain or are recovering from an injury.

The reason many people don’t take up running, or pick it up for a little while and then discard the hobby, is the impact it has on one’s knees. Prevent flare-ups of old injuries or the creation of new ones when you ensure the surface our body is encountering is gentle on the system. This sport is much more achievable to excel at than you might think!

3.Increased convenience and accessibility:

Your Trojan treadmill can be placed in a convenient corner of your home, which is often way easier to access than travelling to a running route. Especially if you live in a densely populated urban area or not-so-safe neighbourhood, you may find yourself travelling far out of your way to reach the ideal spots to let those legs loose.

Save on petrol and simply walk to your living room gym! When you’re equipped with a treadmill, you can also run at any time of day, without worrying about visibility or safety concerns. This is especially helpful if your daylight hours are generally incredibly busy, or the sunset and sunrise in your area are rapidly closing in on one another. We know that winter feeling all too well.

4.Pace consistency and accurate training

Treadmills can help you maintain a consistent pace throughout your run, which can be challenging when running outdoors due to changes in terrain and weather. Unless you’re avidly watching your smartwatch at all times – which, in itself, is a recipe for a drastic trip and fall – you’re unlikely to be able to pace your distances on the road without practising how that speed and cadence actually feels on the body.

You can use your treadmill’s accurate, measured pace to teach yourself how race paces feel, but also to gradually and measuredly up your pace as you get fitter. Beginner runners often make the mistake of running way too fast, too soon, and getting too injured and exhausted to truly explore the sport. With a treadmill, this process can follow an expert fitness plan of your choosing in a way that eases you into the radical world of running, enjoyably.

5.Monitoring progress

Treadmills often have built-in monitors that can track distance, speed, and calories burned, making it easier to monitor your progress and set goals. Though running trackers exist, many of the truly accurate options on the market are geared towards more elite athletes and are therefore very expensive.

If you find progress tracking motivating and want to see your cardio fitness and lower body strength soar weekly, the data you get from a treadmill will be an instant source of serotonin every time you choose to do a data recon. For even more accurate tracking, pair your Trojan treadmill with a reasonably priced Evolve Fitness Tracker for wearable insights!

6.Treadmill running can reduce your risk of injury

Running on a treadmill eliminates the need to navigate uneven terrain or dodge obstacles, reducing the risk of tripping or twisting an ankle. The road is full of unpredictable surprises, textures, tripping hazards and cars, which could all take you out of action for a significant amount of time at even the slightest misstep.

If your focus is growth through consistency, you don’t want to take the risk of an injury that may set your training back by weeks, especially if you’re working towards a goal within an established time frame. Safety first, and what’s safer than getting fit in your own home?

So… where to get a treadmill?

After seeing all those incredible benefits, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re excited to move some or all of your running training over to a treadmill. The runners in our team here at Trojan run a significant amount of their weekly mileage in the comfort of their own homes and swear by it as part of an effective, efficient and convenient training routine for runners of all skill levels.

There are various levels of treadmill to take a look at for your skill level in the full Trojan treadmill range. If you’re a more elite runner, we suggest taking a look at the Trojan Pro Series Treadmill, the crown jewel in our indoor running offerings. It’s compatible with technology from FitShow, Zwift and Kinomaps, too, which you can find out more about here.

Once you’ve spotted the right setup for you, plot how it will look in your home with our Thor Virtual Gym Builder, and head down to a Game or Makro today so start your Trojan treadmill journey.

On your marks, get set, run!


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