The Trojan Extreme Door Gym turns any doorway into a workout opportunity.

The door gym simply clips to any door frame allowing you to do various different types of pull-ups.

The extreme door gym can also be put on the ground and used for push-ups.

The Extreme door gym offers a full-body workout and muscle-building potential, letting you meet your personal goals.


Trojan offers a wide range of Small exercise equipment that is suitable for all levels of fitness. Train in the comfort of your own home and experience the convenience that home training has to offer.


  • The door gym is constructed with heavy-duty steel with soft foam grip.
  • It instantly attaches to doorframes and it includes horizontal bar to mount onto frameless doors.
  • The door gym can be used to strengthen core muscles with knee raises, strengthens arms with dips and push-ups and strengthen your arms, back, and shoulders with pull-ups.


  • Instantly attaches to door frames with a 20 mm lip
  • Fits doorways 81 cm wide
  • 2 year warranty

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