The Trojan 15kg Fitness Sandbag offers you more weight when doing cardio.

Using a large sandbag in conjunction with cardio increases not only strength but overall muscular endurance, letting you train harder and longer.

This hefty sandbag will make you work for every rep, intentionally designed to be challenging to pick up.

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The sandbag is one of the most underutilized training aids for strength, endurance, and power. The load is constantly shifting and therefore requires effort to stabilise the core and exercise being performed. The sandbag is not ergonomically designed to make it easier to lift, it makes you work hard for each repetition. The result is that you build strength and conditioning that can be applied in the real world.

FABs and Benefits

  • Weighted cardio
  • Lifting strength
  • Full Body workout
  • PU covered Sandbag
  • Multiple handles for various exercises


  • 21cm (D) x 53cm

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