The Trojan Multi Grip Rig is a compact yet versatile piece of exercise equipment designed for bodyweight and resistance training.
Features: Pull-up bar: Perfect for chin-ups, pull-ups, and other exercises targeting your back and biceps.  Multi-grip stations: Offer several handhold positions for various upper body exercises like rows, presses, and curls.  Space-saving design: Compact footprint makes it suitable for home gyms or smaller workout spaces.  Steel construction: Provides stability and durability for even the most intense workouts.  Easy assembly: Can be set up quickly and with minimal tools.
The Trojan Multi Grip Rig is a multi-functional home gym solution for those looking to build strength and improve their overall fitness. Its compact size, versatility, and durable construction make it a good choice for both beginners and experienced exercisers.


Product Weight: 9.5 kg
Product Dimensions: 1,240mm(L) x 520mm(W) x 115mm(H)


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