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As South Africans, the energy around the Rugby World Cup is something we feel deep in our bones. It may be a global celebration, but at the heart of it all (at least for us Saffas) lies the indomitable spirit of the mighty Bokke. This month, Trojan Health and Fitness invites you to harness the World Cup “gees” and use it to craft a dynamic fitness routine that would make even Rassie proud!

When you watch rugby, it’s not just about the ankle taps or the breathtaking tries. It’s a showcase of peak human athleticism. Our boys have undergone rigorous training to stand where they are. And guess what? You don’t have to be a professional rugby player (or six foot six and 120 kilos) to incorporate elements of their training regimen into your daily workouts. A rugby-style exercise routine can enhance cardiovascular health, muscle tone, agility, and (most importantly) make you better at “gooi-ing” a rugby ball. Now let’s kick off!

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Rugby-Inspired Workouts to Kickstart Your Fitness Game!

These drills are going to get you feeling like a Bok in no time.

Amp Up Your Speed and Agility:

  • Zig-zag runs: Think of them as your secret weapon for those unpredictable moments in a match. Dash in random patterns or set up a course for yourself and get that nimbleness going.
  • Cone drills: Do you want to have jaw-dropping side steps like Cheslin Kolbe? Weave through some cones and you’re on your way. If you don’t have cones, lay your Trojan dumbbells out and start weaving.
  • Ladder drills: These aren’t your usual step-by-step. They’re about lightning-fast footwork – the kind you need for nailing those quick passes and devilish dashes. Get going twinkle toes!

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Beef Up Your Strength and Power:

  • Squats and lunges: You know those beastly full-field runs? They’re powered by the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It’s time to fire them up! The Trojan Squat Rack and Barbell can help you with that. Add weighted lunges and sumo squats to vary it up. Check out our guide to glutes if you’re looking to build a try-scoring posterior!
  • Push-ups and pull-ups: Whether you’re pushing through a scrum or landing a killer tackle, you need your chest, back, and arms to be rock solid. Tackle these exercises with the Trojan Power Tower! Beats your washing line any day.
  • Plyometric jumps: These bad boys will send your heart rate skyrocketing and unlock that explosive power for when you need to leap like a hero on the field. Throw in a Trojan Jump Rope and you’ll be blasting your way across the pitch! Box jumps and tuck jumps? Yes, please!

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Go the Distance with Endurance:

  • Long-distance running: Rugby isn’t just about the quick moves – it’s a long game! Get your stamina on point so you don’t fizzle out halfway through. Rain or shine, night or day, get your run on with a Trojan Treadmill. You’re in it for the long run, after all…
  • HIIT circuits: Rugby’s got its chilled moments and then… BOOM! Intensity! Mimic those ups and downs with high-octane exercises followed by some (brief) well-deserved rest. Check out our guide to HIIT here!
  • Interval sprints: The game demands pace! Alternate between a relaxed jog and full-throttle sprints to get the feel of those on-field dynamics. If you don’t have a whole field at your disposal, doing this on a treadmill works fine, too.
  • Cycling: Put the pedal to the medal on your Trojan Spinner and clock in those kilometres. Whether stationary or out in the wild, cycling can help improve leg strength and cardiovascular endurance. Adjust resistance levels to mimic those challenging terrains.

Ready to hit the ground running (or spinning)? Let’s get that rugby fire burning in your workouts!

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Getting Down with Ball Skills to Boost Coordination

You know, playing rugby is kinda like grooving with the ball. It’s a full contact kind of dance. It’s all about feeling the rhythm and getting in sync with your body.

  • Passing drills: Think of it as giving the perfect high-five, every single time. You want to nail that hand-eye coordination and make sure your team mate gets the ball spot on.
  • Kicking exercises: It isn’t just about having strong legs, but also about nailing that sweet spot so the ball lands just right. Like throwing a paper ball into a bin from across the room, but cooler. And with more cheering.
  • Catching drills: Catching isn’t just about using your hands, but your instincts too. Practising in rain, shine, or wind will get those reflexes sharp and on point.

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Stay Bendy and Avoid Nasty Injuries

Nobody likes being sidelined with an injury, right? When you’re training with some rugby flair, it’s all about keeping those muscles supple and those joints happy. Even if you’re not planning on getting involved in a match at the moment, staying injury-proof is always a win.

  • Dynamic stretches pre-workout: Think of it as your body’s warm-up act. You wouldn’t rev up a sports car’s engine without warming it up first, would you?
  • Static stretches post-workout: It’s like giving your muscles a goodnight hug after a long day, helping them relax and recover. See our guide to yoga if you’d like some tips in that regard!
  • Foam rolling: Ever had a knot in your shoelace? Imagine that, but in your muscles. Foam rolling helps sort those pesky knots out, keeping you in top form. Fortunately, Trojan has just the remedy for knotty muscles.

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Embracing the Team Vibes: Group Workouts

Rugby’s not just a game; it’s a WAR! Well, in the friendliest way. There’s something magic about sweating it out with a bunch of mates who have your back, and ending it off with a handshake for the top performers on the other side.

  • Rugby-inspired workout groups: Whether you start one or join one, it’s like having a gym family that eggs you on, and maybe throws in a friendly challenge or two.
  • Training in a team setting: Ever noticed how running with a buddy makes you push a little harder? It’s the same vibe. The team spirit can light a fire under you, making those solo workouts feel like a walk (or try) in the park.

While making it to the World Cup’s “starting 15” is a dream for many, what’s more important is the journey and the growth that comes with it. Not everyone can be a “bok,” but we can all embody the spirit of joyful sportsmanship and perseverance that makes our boys in green so electric to watch. Trojan Health and Fitness invites you to embrace the passion, dedication, and spirit of the game. Embark on this rugby-inspired fitness journey, feel the World Cup “gees”, and craft a stronger, more athletic version of yourself. Your personal World Cup starts at a Makro or Game near you!

Share your World Cup-inspired workouts with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Let’s see that ‘gees’ Trojans!


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