At Trojan Health and Fitness, we understand that every step counts on the road to wellness. It’s not just about massive overhauls; it’s the small, daily victories that add up to monumental changes. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our #SmallWins competition, where your everyday healthy choices could win you incredible prizes!

What’s a Small Win?

A Small Win could be anything that makes you feel like you’re moving in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle. Did you choose honey over sugar in your morning tea today? Perhaps you pushed through for two extra reps during your workout? These are the moments we’re celebrating – because #SmallWinsAddUp!

Spectacular Prizes Await!

By sharing your #SmallWins, you stand a chance to win one of eight Trojan bundles, each valued at R3000.00. But hold onto your dumbbells, because there’s more! One lucky member of #TeamTrojan will sprint away with a premium Trojan TR1610 Treadmill, worth a whopping R14,999.00. This could be your chance to upgrade your home gym with top-notch Trojan gear!

How to Enter:

  1. Connect with Us: Follow Trojan Health on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.
  2. Share Your Victory: Post your Small Win in the comments, share it as a post or a story on any of our platforms.
  3. Tag Us: Use @TrojanHealthza on Facebook, @TrojanHealthZA on Instagram, or @TrojanHealthZA on TikTok to ensure we see your entry.
  4. Use Our Hashtags: Add #TrojanSmallWins, #TeamTrojan, and #SmallWinsAddUp to your post to join the community.
  5. Embrace the Wins: Start collecting those small victories and you could be our next big winner!

Why Should You Participate?

Besides the chance to win fantastic prizes, participating in the #SmallWins challenge is an opportunity to join a community that’s passionate about fitness and wellness. It’s a way to motivate yourself and others by recognising and sharing the importance of small steps in achieving long-term goals. Your journey could inspire someone to start their own, and there’s no better prize than contributing to a healthier, happier world.

Remember, whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned gym-goer, #TeamTrojan believes Small Wins are for everyone and every body. Let’s celebrate your progress and keep the momentum going.

Your #SmallWins, your way!

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