The fitness world is rife with myths, misconceptions, and downright lies. From that friend who swears by the six-pack-giving miracle of 100 crunches to your cousin who works out in a fleece and believes that more sweat equals more successful fat burn, we’ve heard it all. The aim of this blog is simple – to debunk these myths and provide you with evidence-based advice that truly works. We’re here to throw in some expertise and product recommendations throughout this journey, to make reaching your potential even easier. So, Let’s bust some myths, Trojans!

Myth #1: The More Crunches, the More Defined the Tummy

Fact: Though crunches can strengthen the abdominal muscles, they alone can’t chisel out that desired defined look. Remember, a layer of fat over your abs can hide their definition. Achieving a toned stomach requires a multi-faceted approach. Incorporate strength training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and cardiovascular exercises to reveal that washboard beneath. And most importantly, watch your diet! Consuming processed foods, sugars, and excessive calories can add to the fat layer hiding those abs. That is not to say you can’t indulge sometimes, even The Rock has cheat days. Look them up, seriously, they’re legendary.

Trojan Product Recommendation: The Trojan Ab Roller not only targets the abs but also challenges the obliques, lower back and arms, offering a comprehensive workout. Combine that with a Trojan Jump Rope and you’re well on your way to washboard ab city!

Myth #2: Spot Reduction or Spot Toning is Effective

Fact: No matter how much we wish it were true, the human body doesn’t choose where to shed fat based on the muscles we exercise. The body loses fat in a genetically predetermined manner. For some, it might start with the tummy, for others, the thighs. However, a consistent fitness routine and a balanced diet can lead to overall fat loss, benefiting every body part. Let’s get lean and shredded through consistency, not spot training!

Trojan Product Recommendation: Trojan Kettlebells are an all-rounder for functional workouts, they engage multiple muscle groups, promoting overall body toning. The sky is the limit with a kettlebell. Check out this handy guide for some of the basics! 

Myth #3: If You’re Not Sore, You Didn’t Work out Hard Enough

Fact: Muscle soreness, also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), can occur after trying a new exercise or pushing your limits, but it’s not the ultimate measure of workout effectiveness. Soreness can be a result of microscopic tears in the muscle fibres. While some soreness can indicate muscle adaptation, chronic or intense soreness can be a sign of overtraining or injury. It’s more important to focus on improving your performance and increasing your strength over time. Pace yourselves Trojans. Or better yet, try out recovery training!

Trojan Product Recommendation: The Trojan Foam Roller aids in muscle recovery, increases blood flow, and reduces the severity of DOMS. It is your ultimate sidekick when practising recovery training.

Myth #4: Weightlifting Will Make Women Bulky

Fact: The fear of becoming “too big” prevents many women from picking up weights. However, the physiological differences between men and women make it difficult for women to gain huge muscles unless they are truly trying to achieve that look purposefully. In reality, lifting weights most often leads to increased muscle definition, strength, and a boosted metabolism. Moreover, strength training can promote bone health and counteract the loss of muscle mass with ageing. So, worry not ladies, it’s a lot harder to look like Mike Tyson than you think! Unless you’re into that, then bulk away, ma’am. We are rooting for you!

Trojan Product Recommendation: Trojan’s selection of free weights, like our Trojan Adjustable Dumbbell Set provide a range of opportunities for progressive resistance training. Lift them, squat with them or practice your boxing combos with them in hand. Your body will thank you!

Myth #5: Cardio is the Only Way to Lose Weight

Fact: While cardiovascular exercises like running or cycling burn calories, relying solely on them might lead to muscle loss along with fat loss, which for many of us, is a no-no. A combination of strength training and cardio ensures that you not only burn fat but also build and preserve muscle mass. This approach leads to a more toned appearance and maintains a healthy metabolism.

Trojan Product Recommendation: The Trojan Pro Series Treadmill ensures that your cardio sessions are optimised, with adjustable speeds and inclines for varied workouts. There are tons of cool tech functions, too!

Myth #6: You Should Stretch Before a Workout to Prevent Injury

Fact: Starting your workout with static stretches (where you hold a stretch for an extended period) can temporarily weaken the muscles and reduce their power and performance; who woulda thunk? Engage in dynamic stretches (like leg swings or arm circles) to warm up the muscles and increase their range of motion before the workout. Post-exercise, static stretches can help in muscle recovery and flexibility. Neat, huh?

Trojan Product Recommendation: Trojan’s Resistance Bands are great for both dynamic and static stretches, ensuring muscle flexibility and strength. Couple that with A Trojan Mini Trampoline and you have an excellent (and fun) way to get that warm-up stretch in!

Myth #7: Supplements Can Replace a Balanced Diet

Fact: Supplements are an excellent way to complement a balanced diet, ensuring you’re receiving all the necessary nutrients. While a balanced diet offers a diverse array of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, supplements are a great tool for addressing any specific deficiencies. It’s always a good idea to take supplements in consultation with a healthcare professional to get the most benefit. You can’t replace your 5 a day with a scoop of powder, no matter what the label might promise.

Trojan Product Recommendation: The Trojan Evolve Fitness Tracker is perfect for tracking your calories so you know what to eat or drink and when! The connected app Is nifty, too.

Myth #8: More Sweat Means More Calories Burned

Fact: Sweat is the body’s cooling mechanism. It’s influenced by various factors, including ambient temperature, humidity, and individual genetics. Intensity is a more accurate indicator of calorie burn than sweat. Some people might sweat profusely during a light workout, while others might barely break a sweat during a high-intensity session. Everybody sweats in their own way. Gross, maybe, but also kind of cool.

Trojan Product Recommendation: The Trojan Sports Bottle is your best friend when you’re breaking a sweat. As much as food is fuel, you’re going nowhere without that good ‘ol H20!

Myth #9: Machines Always Offer Superior Safety and Effectiveness Compared to Free Weights

Fact: Machines offer guided movements which can assist beginners in learning proper form. Free weights, on the other hand, engage stabiliser muscles and offer a versatile range of motion, simulating real-life actions. Both machines and free weights can play essential roles in a comprehensive fitness routine. It’s a win-win in our book. It’s also Imperative that you practise proper form on both.

Trojan Product Recommendation: The Trojan Strength Bench is an excellent way to engage multiple muscle groups and enhance functional strength for more intermediate athletes. However, if you’re just starting out, The Trojan Power Home Gym is a must-have piece of equipment. We may be biased, but we’d recommend both.

Myth #10: The Best Time to Work Out is in the Morning

Fact: While morning workouts can kickstart your metabolism and elevate your mood for the day, it’s not the only “right” time for everyone. The best time is when you can consistently commit to your fitness routine, be it morning, noon, or night. Listen to your body and find a time that suits your energy levels and schedule. Let your motivation guide you – the right solution for you may just be all different times of the day.

Trojan Product Recommendation: Trojan Yoga Mats are ideal for exercise on the fly, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Lay it in your bedroom, your hotel room or in the park. Your gym is where you take it!

Facts and Fiction

In a world swirling with fitness misinformation, it’s crucial to rely on evidence-based advice. Challenge what you hear, be sceptical, and always consult credible sources. At Trojan, we’re dedicated to not just delivering quality products (at a Makro or Game near you) but also genuine fitness advice. Together, let’s achieve true fitness goals and separate fact from fiction.
Here’s to mythbusting and those getting those gains Trojans!



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