Grab your partner and get into some great couple workouts from home. It’ll get your bodies moving, and you’ll get to spend some quality time with each other. In this blog, we’ll run through some partner exercises using Trojan equipment.

These workouts are fun, innovative and perhaps a new way to get inspired for those hot summer bods you’ve been thinking about this past winter. But first, let’s shine some light on why you should work out together as a couple.

Benefits of couple workouts

  • Achieving fitness goals together: Whatever your fitness goals are, you can encourage each other to achieve them while working out. Having your partner there can speed up your progress. After each exercise, you can talk to one another about the ups and downs you have experienced and brainstorm on how to improve in the next session/s, which can make a huge difference in your emotional and mental state.
  • Improving your workout efficiency: Often, when someone workouts alone, the tendency to give up is considerable. However, when your partner cheers you on constantly, you’d probably realise that you can actually do more than you think you could. Sometimes all we need is a little push – you can be the push for your partner or vice versa. If this becomes a little friendly competition, welcome it because who’d better provide it than your other half?
  • Experiencing more happiness: If you share the same fitness goals as your partner, then working towards and achieving them will improve the happiness in your relationship. It’s a journey you walk (or run, jump or whatever your type of workouts are) together. You’re also displaying nonverbal mimicry when doing the same exercise or movements. Mimicking the same movements translates to emotional intimacy, helping you become emotionally attuned, which is an excellent way to bond.

Great couple workouts

  1. Double tap

Source: Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Stand in front of your partner with a Trojan Medicine Ball on the ground between you two. Both you and your partner will tap the ball with your left foot and then your right foot. Add in a burpee after doing the double tap. For the burpee, you will come down onto the ground in a plank-like position, with your elbows tucked close to the body. Bring the legs back in as you stand (or jump) back to the starting position. Continue to do this for 1 – 3 minutes.

  1. Lying leg throw-down

Source: Total Shape

This couple’s workout routine is a real challenge for your abs and leg muscles, and it’s also a fun way to get playful and excellent strength training in your workouts.

One person lies back on a Trojan Yoga Mat, with their head between their partner’s feet. This person holds their partner’s talus or calves and raises their legs towards them.

Then, let your partner push them down as hard as they want to, challenging you to pop back up without letting your heels hit the ground.  Don’t get too tough on each other… but don’t be too easy either. You’ll be feeling the burn after this couple’s workout.

  1. Chest press with resistance band

Source: Greatist

Hold both ends of the Trojan Power Trainer Resistance Band and loop it behind your back. As your partner positions themselves behind you, they should grip the looped portion and step back until there’s some tension in the band.

Slowly bend both arms at your elbow, forming a 90-degree angle. As you step one leg forward, fully extend both arms in front of you, rotating your palms toward the floor. Return elbows to a 90-degree angle as you step back, and repeat. After completing a couple of sets, trade places with your partner.

We hope you team up with your other half and do joint workouts in your home starting from today. Things are more fun if you do them with someone else anyway. Have fun staying fit and healthy together!


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