To glove or not to glove – that is the question. We protect our hands when gardening, dishwashing, floor scrubbing, hair colouring, etc. So, why wouldn’t you want to wear gloves when lifting weights?

If you are a newbie to weight lifting, you might be sceptical at first, however, after years of lifting, you will understand and appreciate the benefits of wearing gloves. Even if you are proud of your calluses, there is reason to care.

Wearing gloves makes perfect sense because weight-lifting requires extensive use of your hands as you slide weight plates on and off, grasp barbells, move dumbbells or swing kettlebells. Your hands get sore, and your skin gets raw.

A lot of guys and gals wear gloves because they want to ‘look the part’ with special lifting shoes, intense belts, and strappy fingerless gloves they’ve probably seen on someone else. But there isn’t a strict set of rules about how to dress, especially when working out at home… Yet, gloves are paramount! Here’s why…

The Pros of Wearing Gloves When Weight-Lifting

  • Better grip

Your hands may slip when holding on to heavy dumbbells or barbells, especially when they are sweaty. Trojan’s fitness gloves are designed to ensure your grip stays golden with the palm area constructed to help you firmly grip.

  • Better comfort

C’mon, you can imagine how much more comfortable they are than having to lift metal with bare hands. The weights can be cold, rough and quite uninviting to wrap your fingers around, especially when working out in winter. Trojan’s fitness gloves solve this problem by protecting your hands against these elements.

  • More weight

Our back, legs and chest muscles are stronger than our naked hands, and when we ‘break’ on a lift, it’s often due to weak hands or grip. Trojan’s fitness gloves can relieve the extra pressure and assist with heavier weights.

  • Callus & blister protection

Depending on how long you’ve been lifting, you’ll develop nasty calluses, which could result in painful blisters when ripped off – never fun! Trojan’s fitness gloves stops calluses from forming – simply keeping your hands soft and smooth.

  • Improved technique

Gloves can improve your workout technique by bringing your body and mind together. Because weight lifting is as much a mental exercise as a physical one, when you’re not focused on your movements, your results reduce. Slide on a pair of Trojan fitness gloves so you don’t have to worry about calluses, sweaty hands, or aggravating a previous injury – your mind will be free to concentrate.

Trojan’s Weight-Lifting Gloves

Should you wear gloves?! The choice remains yours – but it’s highly recommended. Find your perfect fit of Trojan’s fitness gloves available at Makro stores nationwide in medium, large, and extra-large.

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May your pick be faithful to your glove life and happy lifting!


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