Trogan Health Fitstagram 101 how and why you should start and grow a fitness profile on social media

Fitstagram = Fitness + Instagram.

The equation is simple. But the potential effects that starting a Fitstagram profile (or a fitness profile on any social media platform of your choice) could have on your life, motivation and fitness community is well worth the like, share and save.

Previously the domain of influencers alone, the Fitstagram trend has taken off in recent years, with over 180 million users actively participating in the #fitness hashtag on Instagram as of 2022. A fitness-focused social media profile has way more benefits than just showing off those cute gym selfies or humble-brag-posting your personal bests for that one guy from high school to see.

It can be a source of motivation and accountability, a great way to document and archive your fitness journey’s progress, and a dynamic place to meet new people who share common interests with you. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic looking to make it big on the ‘Gram, or a beginner who wants the encouragement of friends and family, Trojan Health and Fitness has compiled some tips to get those likes pouring in and spread the good vibes of exercise! You’re one blog away from logging in to your potential…


What actually is a “fitness profile” on social media? 

A “fitness profile” is a personally run social media account that is focused on topics like fitness, exercise, healthy living, and wellness. Though you can run one of these on any social media platform (LinkedIn being, probably, the most hilarious option,) we’ll focus on Instagram here because it’s one of the more popular, and visual, platforms for this sort of content creation.

To keep it interesting, the most successful Fitstagram accounts feature a variety of content such as workout routines, healthy recipes, healthy living tips, powerful motivational quotes, fitness journey progress updates, and more. When the phenomenon first appeared, Fitstagram accounts were often run by personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and athletes, primarily as inspirational content for the everyman.

Now, anyone who wants to share their passion for fitness and healthy living with a wider audience is jumping on the bandwagon – resulting in an inclusive, diverse and ever-growing online space that encourages everybody to get moving. A Fitstagram can also be used as a platform for building a personal brand, promoting fitness products, and getting low-key sports famous, but the space is pretty saturated already, so we don’t recommend approaching this with that aspect as your primary motivation. It’s largely based on luck!


The benefits of starting a Fitstagram

1. Sharing your passion for an active lifestyle:

When you find something that really floats your boat, makes you smile, gets you out of bed in the mornings and improves your life, what’s the first thing you want to do? More of that, obviously! And the second thing? You want to share it.

Often, when we really click into our exercise groove, the rush of consistent endorphins and the buzz of fresh energy that gives us, make us way too chatty about our daily workouts. People aren’t as into that as you might think. When you start a Fitstagram, you get to invite people into that sharing space and inspire and engage with those who are actually receptive to it. We can almost assure you, Sharon from accounts really doesn’t want to hear how much you’re benching in the break room again. Sorry. We know the feeling.

2. You can build a community:

Your Fitstagram is a digital space curated around precisely what you care about. Here, you can engage, share tips, learn from your peers and professionals, and find like-minded individuals who are into the exact niche you are. Even if it’s really niche-y. Like Chess Boxing.

With a fitness journey also comes a wide array of psychological ups and downs. Your body is changing, your mindset is changing, and your routine is changing. It helps to follow other Fitstagram profiles at similar stages to you, so you’ve got solidarity in striving towards your full potential. We’re stronger, faster and fitter together.

3. Establish your own personal brand and digital presence:

If you’re pretty serious about this whole “fitness” thing and your social media game is seriously on point, you might want to turn your Fitstagram into a place to establish yourself as a personal fitness brand. The cool thing about this approach is that it’s not just for the hyper-fit or people who can deadlift a small elephant.

2023 has seen the rise of “fitfluencer” inclusivity, which means public figures who are in different spaces or have different motivations within their fitness journeys. Whether the focus is on mental health, body positivity, mobility or even the aesthetic of fitness, your personal brand doesn’t have to be “out of this world shredded” or “ultra-marathon record breaker” to make an impression in the space. Your journey is just as valid and relevant as everyone else’s!

4. Your Fitstagram could be an excellent motivation for YOU:

By sharing your fitness journey with others, you may find that you are more motivated to stick to your own fitness goals. Why? Well, to put it simply, because someone’s watching! We know there are some days when you just couldn’t be bothered, it happens to all of us. Though we encourage taking rest days and listening to your body as needed, we all know that sometimes we’re glued to the couch because of an “excuse” and not a “reason.”

When you’ve got dozens, if not hundreds of people anticipating your next workout post, you’re way more likely to strap on those trainers and get moving, because you’ve committed to taking them along on your journey. Just as you’re motivating your followers, they’re motivating you!

5. You get a chronological archive of your progress:

Getting fit is about consistency and commitment. Because of this, the progress we’re making is often pretty gradual, which can be disheartening. We know, we also think it should be a “thing” to get abs after one set of crunches, but unfortunately, that’s just not how the protein bar crumbles.

Often, small changes happening day to day go unnoticed, and that might make you feel like there’s no incentive to keep at your fitness plan. If you chronicle your progress from day one, however, you’ll be able to look back at how far you’ve come by scrolling down your feed, and you may find that it’s much, much farther than you thought. Plus, you get to make a nifty set of “before and after” posts, which always bring the likes in a big way!


How to grow your fitness profile on social media

Now we’ve convinced you to start sharing your exercise journey with the world, you’re probably wondering how to grow an audience. The initial phase of this process – much like the initial phase of getting fit – might feel slow and difficult to get off the ground. Don’t worry, though! You’re laying a solid foundation for future growth. You won’t become a global fitness inspiration overnight, but any engagement is good engagement as you get going! We’ve got some handy tips for growing a following, in case you need a little extra help:

  • Define your niche! Going for general “fitness” may seem like the easiest option, but platforms are already so flooded with generic fitness creators that it’s going to be much more difficult to stand out.
    • Maybe you’re a busy student, focusing on fitness and healthy eating on a budget.
    • Maybe you’re a mom, finding ways to juggle an exercise program and three different school schedules.
    • Maybe you’re really, really into leg day and want to show others how to become a “quadzilla” just like you.
    • Or maybe you’re sick of the idea of fitness being “for weight loss” and you want to show off the other benefits of a mobile body.

Find a niche that’s authentic to you and create relevant, focused content to build a loyal audience.

  • You’ll find that growing a Fitstagram account and staying on top of your fitness have a lot in common, the main point being consistency! To keep your existing followers engaged and continue attracting new ones, you’ll want to be posting regularly and engaging with your comments and DMs frequently.

The Instagram algorithm is way more likely to put you in front of new eyes if it recognises you’re producing frequent, quality content. Make sure you’re not just posting for posting’s sake, though! Quality, well-thought-out content is worth much more than rushing your posts because you want to stay on schedule.

  • Use hashtags to their fullest potential. The best way to reach people who aren’t your family and friends is to show up in hashtag searches and the “Explore” tab. Especially if you’re creating more niche content, loading your posts up with relevant, active hashtags is likely to bring like-minded followers to your content.

The best way to find these hashtags is to check through the ones your favourite content creators and Insta-friends are using, then compile a list of the ones that apply to your content, and cycle through a few of them every post. You can check which hashtags brought people to your post in the “insights” option of your post menu, so you’ll know which ones to use next time.

BUT beware of banned hashtags. Double check that you do not use any of these hashtags, otherwise your post won’t be shown to your audience.

  • Collaborate with other fitness creators. Not only is getting together to make fun workout content a great excuse to go grab an overpriced smoothie afterwards, but it’s also a way to unlock double the reach your current content has!

This is because the “collaborate” feature on Instagram allows you to display your collaborative content on both your and your content buddy’s feeds, meaning that it’s going in front of both your audiences at once. This is also a great way to share audiences and combine communities.

  • Take full advantage of Instagram Reels and Stories. You’ve probably heard this by now, but video content is all the rage on Instagram in 2023. It gets more views, it gets more replays, using trending audio increases your chances of going viral, and you get to create much more dynamic, narrative content than you would with a static image.

You don’t need a fancy camera to make video content, either. In fact, the best-performing fitness content, statistically, is filmed by amateur filmmakers on cellphone cameras, being their authentic, day-to-day selves. Just be you – the love will follow!

  • Make sure you’re putting out content that adds value to people’s lives. As great as you might feel in the 5th gym selfie of the week, how does it make someone want to follow you? Maybe you added a great workout tip or motivational sentiment in the caption, or you review the gym gear you just used.

You could make every second post a useful tutorial or a really pleasing visual. If you’re creating this Fitstagram just for yourself (which is totally valid, too) then go ahead and post whatever pleases you. However, if one of your goals is follower growth, you’ll need to bear in mind why you deserve that follow. Ask yourself, “If I saw this post on my feed, would I follow me?”


How do I start my Fitstagram? 

Securing an Instagram handle, setting up your account and selecting the perfect profile picture that balances “sweaty” and “smouldering” is the easy part. It’s actually getting down to business, honing in on your fitness, and creating that content that’s the real first obstacle.

Thankfully, Trojan Health and Fitness is on your side! With our wide range of products, which goes from full-spectrum, multi-function home gyms to all the small exercise accessories your heart (and workout plan) desires, you can start up your Fitstagram from the comfort of your own home!

The fitness world is at your fingertips, all without leaving the lounge. Our products are accessibly priced but ruggedly durable, meaning you can push hard without breaking the bank. You even get to visualise your dream gym setup when you use our Thor Virtual Gym Builder, so you can plan ahead and work towards the workout escape you’ve always wanted.

Start your journey towards your best self (and bring those followers along for the ride) by checking out our full range at a Makro or Game outlet near you.


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