If you’re looking to maximise your workout results in a time-efficient way, there’s one machine you might have been overlooking. This one will meet and exceed all your needs, AND is compact enough to be stashed somewhere sneaky while not in use.

It’s the machine that’s always left open at the gym and often disregarded in the circuit, but it’s a powerhouse full-body training tool that deserves pride of place in anyone’s compact home gym setup. We’re talking about the rowing machine – the piece of equipment you didn’t know you needed until now. We’re going to use this blog to show you why a Trojan rower might just become your new exercise go-too!

1. The rower gives you a full-body workout

When you think “rowing,” you just think “arms,” right? Well, the rower works so much more of your body, effectively and at the same time. This machine offers a full body workout, namely your arms, back, core and legs. It ramps up your whole body’s cardio and resistance fitness by simulating the motion of rowing a boat, legs and all.

The resistance level can be adjusted, making it a versatile workout tool for people of different fitness levels. The machine’s pulling action allows users to shift their form and do different exercises, working even more parts of the body than just the “standard row.”

A properly performed rowing workout, exercises the abdominal muscles in your core, your hip flexors and serratus anterior muscles, your quads, calves, hamstrings and your glutes. You’ll also be working out your lats, biceps and deltoids.

2. Rowing is a low-impact workout


Let’s get one thing out the way first: low impact does NOT mean low intensity. The intensity of your workout is entirely up to you, and rowers are actually ideal for high-intensity sets. What “low impact” means is that the exercise doesn’t put weight or undue stress on your skeletal system, which minimises the risk of joint injury.

Rowing is high-intensity and high heart-rate cardio without the pain some may experience from running. This makes it the ideal workout for those with preexisting injuries and conditions, or those who may carry extra weight and don’t want to strain their lower body while getting their cardio in. With rowers, you don’t need to sweat that joint pain!

3. The rowing machine is perfect for cardio, resistance training AND strength training

When people ask if you’re a “cardio bunny” or a “weights bro,” you can gesture to your rowing machine and just say “both!” Due to the machine’s dynamic movement and adjustable resistance, you can use the machine to burn calories while promoting your cardio fitness. It also strengthens your muscles and builds up your muscle mass.

It’s a one-stop toning workshop and your desired effect can be based entirely on how you use it! If you’re looking to burn a ton of calories quickly, lower your resistance, up your speed, and get your heart pumping. If you’re wanting to bulk up that strength level, raise the resistance high and take long, slow strokes to feel the burn. We suggest alternating between both for full-on conditioning.

4. Your rower will scale up with you as you scale up in fitness


Unlike, for example, dumbbells, which stop being so useful when you’ve gotten fitter and moved on to larger weights, the adjustable nature of a Trojan rower allows you to scale up your machine experience as you scale up your fitness.

As you progress, simply up the resistance and speed on your trusty machine, and you’ll be met with a fresh challenge every workout. You can even adjust your form as you become more advanced, meaning you unlock whole new scalable challenges. Think standing workouts and back flexes!

5. Your rower will be the most convenient piece of gym equipment you own.

Not only do Trojan rowers make monitoring the progress of your fitness easy, as they have built-in monitors that track time, distance, and calories burned, they’re compact enough to store in even the smallest of home gyms! You can tip your rower on its side and get it into almost all large cupboards.

They’re also very easy to use and make for a conveniently quick and effective workout. Got a spare 20 minutes? Instead of scrolling social media, just hop on that rower to release endorphins and work on your cardio, strength, endurance and tone! It’s like having a whole gym membership rolled into one, sitting discreetly tucked into a corner or underneath the bed whenever you want to use it.

Are you ready to row, row, row yourself all the way to fit yet? If you want to start your home gym setup with one convenient, scalable, does-it-all piece of exercise equipment, we think our rowers are the ideal place to start. When you choose Trojan gym equipment, not only are you making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, but you’re also purchasing top-quality gear at an accessible price point, with an after-purchase service that leaves you feeling supported.

Set sail to a better life in the body you’ve always dreamed of, and reach your full potential with a Trojan rowing machine available at a Game or Makro outlet near you.


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