You’re here because you think you might have messed up. It’s far into December, the clocks are ticking, and the shelves are emptying as the malls fill up. You’ve been so caught up in year-end excitement that you forgot to get your favourite fitness fanatic a festive gift. Well, don’t stress for another minute because the Trojan Health and Fitness team has good news for you.

The good news is that you’re not too late. You can still purchase Trojan Health and Fitness products from Makro or Game to be delivered directly to your home in time for the 25th. So, you don’t have to spend hours poring over a poorly made “favour coupon book” with a sticky tube of glitter glue this week. The better news is that you don’t even have to think about which item to choose because this gift guide will do that for you. Ready, set, shop!

For the lifter who enjoys a challenge

The cast-iron kettlebell range

Graded from 2kgs up to 12kgs, the Trojan kettlebell range offers the benefits of an all-in-one strength training machine with the convenience of being small and mobile. A fun idea could be purchasing one kettlebell in their current lifting range and one a couple of sizes larger, with a cheeky little challenge to lift the larger one by next Christmas written out in the card. Just make sure you’re the one carrying it to the tree – it might be a little obvious what this item is when you try to pick it up.

For the cardio bunny who’s never sitting still

Trojan toning set

We have a few cardio bunnies in the Trojan HQ, and if they’re not spinning in their desk chairs or walking up and down the corridors whenever they’re on the phone, we know it’s only because they’ve called in sick. Unfortunately, it’s not always viable to go for a long run or power cycle to get rid of all that energizer bunny energy. This Trojan toning set is the perfect on-the-go kit for short but intense workouts and will be a dream come true for the bouncy but busy person in your life who may not have all the time in the world to get outside and burn through that motivation.

For the injury-prone chaos bestie

Trojan 4-in-1 massage set

Every friend group has one bundle of lovable chaos. If you can’t identify which one of your friends that is, it’s you. We don’t make the rules. Whether they’re tumbling down hills on trail runs, enthusiastically going in for the mistimed tackle on the football field, or just regularly getting mysterious sprains, pulls, and joint rolls, this set will help them ease some of the muscle pain that goes hand-in-hand with living life to its fullest.

These rollers and bands don’t just relieve muscle pain; they also help to strengthen the areas you use them on. This means your loved one might even be able to prevent injury and stiffness before it occurs. No guarantees, though; there are no limits to what that human tornado can do.

For the friend with the world’s smallest flat

The 3-in-1 Body Blaster 

Everybody’s dream is a luxurious home gym space (which you can now visualise in 3D with the Thor Virtual Gym Builder)but sometimes the real issue is space. The luxury of large exercise equipment isn’t conceivable when your bedroom is also your office and your entertainment area, and you can’t both make coffee and have dishes in the sink simultaneously. Heck, the luxury of a medium-sized couch also feels a little far off. For the convenience and versatility of a home gym, but at a fraction of the size, why not gift the versatile and compact Trojan 3-in-1 Body Blaster? One can even add extra weight for increased resistance, so the equipment can stick around even when one’s fitness levels significantly increase.

For the zen yogi

Trojan Balance Board

This is for the person in your life who’s mastered balance. They somehow manage to get a full breakfast and a workout in every morning, then arrive to work on time and dressed fashionably. This person knows four types of yoga, two of which you’ve literally never heard of. Their car is always clean, and their pets are somehow better behaved than most 12-year-olds you’ve met. Get them this balance board purely for the fact that you might get to watch them fall over at least once. (That’s not the real reason, by the way. It’s incredible for developing core strength on the go and assists in building balance and mobility!)

Though you still have a little time before the big celebration, it’s definitely running out if you want to order these Trojan products online for delivery. If you miss the delivery cut-off or don’t want to wait to go shopping, you can find these products in a Makro or Game store near you. There’s no gift like the gift of health, and there’s no better way to get there than by following the Trojan Health and Fitness path. Happy shopping and happier holidays, Trojan family!



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