Trojan is 40 & We’re Celebrating Fitness Excellence!

Trojan’s 40th Birthday Launch Brings You BIG Savings & Winnings!

If you read our previous blog and couldn’t wait for this one to be published, here, it is now! We’re launching Trojan’s 40th Birthday, Celebrating Fitness Excellence!

What does this mean? Well, we’re bringing you exclusive and limited deals on current and NEW Trojan home gym equipment from 24 January to 6 March 2022! No excuses for not getting back to your health and fitness goals for the new year… But there’s more – If you spend R500 or more on any Trojan products at Game or Makro stores nationwide, you stand a chance to WIN 1 x 10 R5000 Game vouchers & 1 x 10 R5000 Makro vouchers.

C’mon, it’s as easy as purchasing at least one of these products:

  • Trojan 180cm Olympic Weight Bar – R999
  • Trojan Squat Rack – R999
  • Trojan 20kg Dumbbell Set – R699
  • Trojan 15m Battle Rope – R799
  • Trojan Fitness Sandbag 15kg (R549) or 20kg (R599)
  • NEW Trojan Balance Ball Trainer – R699
  • NEW Trojan 10kg Weighted Vest – R549
  • Trojan Twist & Shape – R999
  • NEW Trojan Wall Ball 6.35kg (R549) or 9kg (R699)

Obviously, Trojan home gym equipment is also available at Game stores nationwide! Such as the Trojan Kettlebells. Did you know that kettlebells can offer full-body strength conditioning, power conditioning, endurance training, balance and flexibility training and are also versatile for switching up workouts and challenging muscle groups from different angles?

Then there are Trojan’s Treadmills! And if you don’t have the slightest idea where to even start with treadmill workouts, we’ve got just the Beginner Cardio Workout – download it now. Or, if you’re more of a weight-trainer, push the limits with Trojan’s 20kg Dumbbell Set with this Intermediate Workout.

But if you are a yoga enthusiast, you’d better not miss our small home gym equipment deals… Feels a lot like being spoiled on your birthday, doesn’t it?! Exactly what we were going for! It’s our birthday, but we’re showering you with presents…

With all these amazing discounts from South Africa’s trusted home fitness equipment brand, you’re probably wondering how many calories you should be taking in a day. Yes, we know totally off-topic but so relevant. Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men, but it depends on your age, metabolism, and physical activity levels, among other things… Just for fun (no one will see, wink-wink), input your details into this calorie intake calculator and see your ideal daily intake.

Shocked? We hope not from the calculator’s shock… But rather from the savings on our Trojan products. See them all here – Game Celebrating Trojan’s Fitness Excellence & Makro Celebrating Trojan’s Fitness Excellence (download and share it with everyone around you and celebrate our significant milestone with us)!

The world is a bit healthier because it’s Trojan’s birthday – happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to ussss, happy birthday to us!

Happy shopping, Trojan fans!


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