Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so we’d say it’s better to start looking for the perfect gift soonest. Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, sister or brother, or even your mom or dad, we suggest spending your time and money this 14 February on a thoughtful yet practical gift to show just how much you really care.

Of course, a handwritten note, a bouquet of red roses and a box of their favourite chocolates will never go out of style but remember it’s noticed and much more appreciated when you go above and beyond… Don’t wait last minute; dive into our 40th birthday offerings at either Game or Makro stores today!

You might think that it’s weird or that the wrong message will be sent when you purchase home fitness equipment for your loved ones, but in reality, a gift of fitness is one of the most valuable, healthy gifts one can receive… if they expressed the desire to exercise more, are receptive if you exercise with them and if they have everything to utilise the gift, of course…

Don’t know where to start? We took the first step for you in handpicking 6 of our best-loved home gym fitness equipment and accessories to consider.

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide To You (& Your Loved Ones)

Available at Game Stores Nationwide Available at Makro Stores Nationwide
Trojan Spin 120 Spinning Bike

Cute, compact and everything one could ask for! The Spin 120 requires assembly, has a vertical and horizontal saddle, with 120kg user weight and a 6kg flywheel, but at least tension control and definitely a 1-year warranty. Here’s more.

6 Gifts for International Love Day 2022

Trojan Olympic Plates

 Would you compare your love to 5kg, 10kg, or 20kg? We bet you’d say 20kg, but why not make it 100kg and purchase 5, or 6… and challenge you and your recipient to desirable heights. View them in-store today.

6 Gifts for International Love Day 2022

Trojan 5kg Bulgarian Sandbag

Like with any kind of love, Trojan’s 5kg Sandbag ensures strength, endurance and power. It has multiple handles and various exercises – so believe us when we say your recipient will never get bored… Check it out!

6 Gifts for International Love Day 2022

Trojan Weighted Vests

Wearable by men and women, Trojan’s Weighted Vests overloads the body with added resistance during plyometrics and endurance training activities, leading to faster energy depletion – who said fitness couldn’t lead to positive results? Show them they’re wrong today…

6 Gifts for International Love Day 2022

Trojan TR500 Treadmill

 It’s big, it’s bold, and the Trojan TR500 Treadmill will exactly reflect your love! With all the rain nowadays, it’s perfect for walking, running or climbing indoors to give the lower body the ideal workout. See the specs here.

6 Gifts for International Love Day 2022

Trojan Adjustable Cable Speed Rope

Rush in-store at the speed of love for this new Trojan Adjustable Cable Speed Rope… If only everything else in life was so adaptable. The rope is 2.9m in length – durable and lightweight! We’d say this is a pretty cool buy, wouldn’t you?!

6 Gifts for International Love Day 2022


More options are available in-store. So head over to your nearest store, view the available home gym fitness equipment, and think out of the box for this year’s international love day! If you’re the one wanting any of our offerings, take a screenshot, post it to social and tag us using @TrojanHealthSA for Facebook or @trojanhealth on Instagram; tag the person you’d expect the product from, followed by a ❤️. We’ll do the rest… 😉


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