Have you ever considered a digital detox – detaching yourself from your phone and truly unplugging to improve your life without worrying about what you’re missing? LOL! Don’t worry; we’re not urging you to unplug completely. However, detoxing yourself from digital devices such as smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets, and social media sites can help you let (it) go! – of the stress that stems from constant connectivity.

We’re spending more time than ever on our digital devices, anywhere from one to two hours daily, and while there’s no doubt technology has made our lives easier in many ways, there are unexpected downsides too… screen addiction, lost focus, split attention, and lost time. The worst of all is not that you aren’t the only sucker, but your family, friends, wellbeing, happiness, and personal or professional pursuits suffer as well.

Before deciding if it is right for you, consider some of the potential benefits and methods of doing a digital detox. Here are our reasons for a digital detox without unplugging full stop (obvs because of ‘responsibilities’), and may we add, it’s becoming increasingly popular!

Physical and Mental Health

 Disengaging with digital devices can help reduce anxiety, nervousness, and worry associated with constant connectivity. It improves physical and mental health, allowing a more positive life perspective.

Sharper Focus

Cut back on digital dependency by disabling your phone’s push notifications for social media apps. With all the beeps and pop-up notifications, you get distracted from what’s happening around you anyways. Your brain can concentrate much better on your tasks when you set a specific time of day to check each platform and a time limit for how long you’ll spend on a site, such as 20 minutes. That’s it! More so, your memory, creativity, energy levels, focus, and attention span are less altered, and your productivity improved.

Restful Sleep

You’ve probably heard this before, but you can make your bed… detaching yourself from electronic devices two to three hours before bedtime can enhance your sleep quality, making you sleep like a baby! It causes us to fall asleep faster and enter a deeper, less interrupted sleep.

Control Over Your Time

Ever feel an overwhelming urge to check your smartphone? You’re not alone! Creating better boundaries between work and home creates more free time in everyday life. It empowers us to pick up new hobbies and develop mindful habits. So disconnect; don’t use it as much; check it when you want to check it and not when you get ‘pushed’ to do so.

A Sense of Connection with Others

Think about it… without devices around at dinner, you naturally interact and connect more with your family; you notice and perhaps meet new people or recognise familiar faces. Detoxing allows us to be fully present in the world “offline.” We can focus on real-life social interactions. Our attention shifts to building meaningful relationships and establishing stronger bonds.

After you’ve read the reasons and are considering a digital detox, here are 7 Ways to Cut Back on Your Tech Use. Hopefully, you read through our entire blog before we convinced you…


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