7 Tips to get in those 10,000 steps no matter where you are this festive season

You deserve a break, but not from your daily step goal. While lying on the beach for a week, or anywhere else for that matter, won’t wreck your fitness goals, but it could break your momentum. It’s not that we think 10,000 steps a day will magically make us healthy, but it is a goal that helps ensure we are up and active each day.

Walking every day is one of the best ways to go from a sedative lifestyle to an active one. And it can be just as good for your health as more strenuous forms of exercise. Walking can help improve every aspect of your wellbeing on a physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, spiritual and social level. Follow these tips to start your journey to walking at least 10,000 steps every day –

  • Visit stores within walking distance

Consider walking to the places rather than driving. This works best when you’re shopping for small items, such as bread and milk or other small necessities. You’ll get about 4,000 steps walking there and back if you live just two kilometres from the store.

  • Don’t park near the entrance

When walking isn’t possible, use the large parking lots at shopping centres to help you reach your daily step goal. Instead of driving around to get the closest spot, park as far away from the entrance as possible. People with ambulation difficulties or small children will appreciate the availability of a closer spot. By parking far away from the store entrance, you’ll quickly get several hundred steps going between your vehicle and the store’s doors.

  • Do extra laps in the store

Whether you’re shopping for ribbon or you’ve made a last-minute trip to the grocery store for perishable food for your holiday meal, walking an extra lap around the store will yield additional steps. You may prefer to do this when the store is less crowded, such as early in the morning or late in the evening.

  • Stroll before actually shopping

Mall walking isn’t just for the elderly. Most malls open their doors about an hour before the individual stores open. Plan to arrive when the mall opens. If you walk at a moderate pace for one hour, you could easily walk 5 kilometres before starting your shopping.

  • Take the stairs

When you get to your accommodation at night, take the elevator the first time because you will probably have your hands full with your luggage and pillows.  But then take the stairs back down when it’s time to go out for supper. If you need an extra towel, don’t call the front desk. Instead, jog down the stairs and get it yourself.  Want a cup of coffee? Just run and pick up a fresh cup. This gives you steps and a little aerobic activity at the same time.

  • Get out with every stop

When you pull into the gas station, never stay in the car. Make it a habit to always get out and throw away trash, walk through the gas station at least once to pick up ice or use the restroom.  You may only get a few steps at each stop, but they will add up.

  • Embrace the nights

Make it a habit of walking at night. You’ll get to see wherever you are in a new light. If it’s hot during the day, it’ll be much more pleasant to walk after the sun’s gone down, when the temperature is cooler. And taking a nighttime stroll keeps you from spending the entire evening in a bar or restaurant eating and drinking, saving you lots of vacation spending.

If you don’t have an accessory to track your steps, have a look at Trojan’s Evolve Fitness Tracker and get into the habit of getting in more steps for your own wellbeing during the festive season. Happy kilometres!


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