Easy Workouts That Can Be Done During Your Lunch Break

Take Advantage Of Your Lunch Breaks With These 2 Easy Workouts

Work-life can get boring, especially if you sit in the same spot all day, doing pretty much the same thing you do every day. Of course, work is work, but your body is your temple, and it deserves to be kept active!

Now, a lunch break workout always sounds like a great idea in theory – you’ve got an hour of your own time right in the middle of the day, so why not try to squeeze in a quick workout? Especially when you’re not a morning person to fit in a workout before work…

But then you remember, yet again, that there likely isn’t enough time to enjoy lunch, change into workout clothes, complete a full workout, shower, and then get ready for work all over again. Don’t be discouraged! We have 2 pretty excellent lunch break workout solutions for your entire body in just 10 minutes!

Lunch Break Workout A:

  • Horizontal Push 10-20 reps – push up from a wall, chair, floor, Trojan resistance bands, or push band anchored to a door.
  • Horizontal Pull 10-20 reps – row with a resistance band anchored to a doorway or strapped under your feet bending over while keeping your shoulders and back straight.
  • Core Plank 30-60 secs – plank from a wall, chair, or ground to increase intensity.
  • Lower Squat 10-20 reps – squat from a chair or resistance band squat.

Move from one exercise to the other with little to no rest to keep your heart rate increased. Only resting when all exercises are complete, which is then considered one round. After each round, keep your rest within 30 to 45 seconds before moving on to another round. See how many rounds you can achieve in a 10-minute timeframe.

Lunch Break Workout B:

  • Vertical Push 10-20 reps – overhead press with a resistance band strapped under one or two feet or Trojan dumbbells. For shoulder issues, you can do lateral raises with a band.
  • Vertical Pull 10-20 reps – resistance band pull-apart holding band above your head, pull-down machine, pull-ups.
  • Core 10-20 reps – crunches, knee raises, sit-ups, or oblique twists.
  • Lower 10-20 reps – side-steps with a resistance band or alternate step-ups on a step.

Depending on how many days a week you want to exercise, you can alternate these workouts, for example, Monday A, Wednesday B, Friday A or Monday A, Tuesday B,  Wednesday rest, Thursday A, Friday B. Remember to always listen to your body for adequate rest. Just as important as nutrition, persistence, and sleep are to your fitness. Proper rest between your workouts is needed to avoid the overuse of repeated movements.

Different movement patterns focus on all angles of the body. With these two routines, you can always change up the exercises, increase the intensity, increase or decrease repetitions, increase or decrease your rest time between exercises and the rounds, and lastly, increase or decrease the days per week you incorporate this routine. The options are endless for a consistent lunchtime fitness plan. Consistency is key, and the most essential factor is sticking to it!

Have fun and take advantage of your lunch breaks!


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