10 Fitness Experts to Follow on Instagram

Here are your top 10 inspirational people to follow on Instagram!

Are you constantly scrolling through your feed looking for inspiration, motivation, workout ideas, healthy recipes, or wellness info? We know that hobby… Therefore, we decided to gather 10 fitness experts in South Africa into one single blog for you to check out on Instagram and sponge up everything valuable they have to share.

Amanda du-Pont – @amandadupont
CEO and Founder of @lelive.africa skincare, Amanda du-Pont, loves posting about fitness, but also coaching, training, celebrities, art, film, music & books, photography and technology. Watch her highlights on training here.

Amanda du-Pond


Ms Ntando Ms.The Plug Duma – @dumantando
Not only is Ntando Duma an actress and an award-winning TV personality, but she’s pretty active in posting about health & fitness, entertainment, music, singer, celebrities, and education. Get a scoop of her gym workouts here.

Ntando Duma


Sbahle Mpisane – @sbahle_mpisane
Sbahle, or also known as Fitness Bunny, loves posting about fitness, training, and coaching. In her words, The same voice that says ‘give up’ can also be trained to say ‘keep going’. Watch her video to see how she’s pushing boundaries after losing her motivation to work out.

Sbahle Mpisane


Maps Maponyane – @mmaponyane
Maps is a TV presenter, actor and entrepreneur, but have you seen his fitness sessions?! Better hop onto his Instagram highlights or check his feed because he loves posting about coaching, fitness, as well as business, film, music & books, humour, and technology.

Maps Maponyane


Pabi Moloi – @pabimoloi
She’s not only a mom, but Pabi Moloi is also an award-winning TV talk show host, radio talk show host, and a voice artist, to only name a few. Obviously, she loves posting about moms, modelling, but, most importantly, fitness. See her quick treadmill run between shoots, or see what she has in store on her Instagram fitness highlights.

Pabi Moloi


KHABONINA – @khabonina_q
Khabonina loves posting about fitness, coaching, and training, especially about yoga. Make sure to check out her Instagram page, khabo_yoga, for some incredible yoga inspiration! She just knows how



Nkateko Dinwiddy – @takkies7
She’s a crazy-fun, but Nkateko knows just how to turn workout sessions into something to love! As a choreographer, she helps women to love their beautiful bodies. Check out her page for some entertaining content, or hop onto her workout highlights… We promise that her energy will hit you right through your bones.

Nkateko Dinwiddy


Grace Motswana – @gracemotswana
She calls herself a fitpreneur! Isn’t it excellent?! Follow her for her YouTube workouts, and ensure not to miss her constant updates on at-home workouts like this video, and see if you can spot the Trojan small exercise equipment she makes use of…shhh!

Grace Motswana


Zweli Dube – @zweli_dube
He loves posting about fitness, coaching, and gym. But there’s more than meets the eye. Zweli is a father to an amazing daughter, the son of a phenomenal woman, a brand ambassador, fitness model, voice-over artist, film/TV actor, as well as God’s son. Make sure you check out his profile for some inspirational videos on fitness.

Zweli Dube


Sanelisiwe Mbambo – @getfitwitsanerie
We left the best for last! Sanelisiwe, or better known as Get Fit With Sanerie, is a certified personal trainer… Need we say more?! Head on over to this expert’s page to see what she has in store for you. She loves posting about fitness, coaching, modelling, health & fitness, fashion, celebrities, and humour.

Sanelisiwe Mbambo


That’s a wrap! We wish we could’ve showcased more fitness experts in South Africa, but if you think that a follow-up blog is necessary, drop us a DM with a suggestion, and we’ll be surely featuring those fitness gurus in one of our next blogs. Enjoy connecting, Trojan fans!


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