Trojan Health - Pitch without a whine – Here’s how to ditch Netflix and wine.

Pitch without a whine – Here’s how to ditch Netflix and wine.

It’s not easy to start a new routine, not to mention a morning routine! Netflix has so much to offer these days that it’s almost impossible not to watch multiple ‘one last episode(s)’ before going to bed, even if it’s at midnight. We mean, after a hard day’s work, it just seems normal to wind down with a glass of wine and forget about tomorrow’s troubles?!

Being stress-free is just so relieving! Even if it lasts only a few hours… Yes, some days are filled with happiness, good news, and positive vibes, but unfortunately, there are those days that you wish you could’ve stayed in bed because it’s just sadness, sorrow, and guilt, ugh!

Can we let you in on a secret? There’s no way to change what will happen during the day, but you can definitely change things that are in your hands, such as being happy and healthy no matter what life throws at you. How you may ask. Well, by implementing these 5 morning rituals to a stress-free day (if it seems impossible, try at least one change and when you feel you’ve accomplished it, reward yourself and move on to the next!) –

1. Don’t hit snooze:
Just wake up! But you had a lovely dream and just want to finish it, you know, see what happens when you turn that knob on the red door… Face it, you either don’t dream the same thing again, or the outcome is what you least expected. If you’re a snoozer, place your alarm at a reasonable distance so that you actually have to get out of bed to stop it. Also, set one early alarm for the exact time you want to wake up so that there is no snoozing option. Change your alarm mode to help you get into this new habit from your current mode to vibration, light, ring or play a song in the morning.

2. Water is your friend:
Coffee is another friend, but not as good as a friend as water is. Drink a large glass of water upon waking to quench your thirst and help with that bad dry-mouth feeling. We’re not being funny; we know you need your coffee; otherwise, you might end up in jail, but do this first to flush out your body’s toxins, to get you hydrated and to fire up your metabolism.

3. Breakfast, not breakpass:
Eat a king-size breakfast in the morning. There is time; remember you’ve woken up earlier! There’s also the option to prepare breakfasts at the beginning of the week so that it’s easier to grab and go, like breakfast muffins or frittatas. Throw in the eggs, milk, juices, bread and fruit salads with some filling stuff to help with your metabolism but also to give you energy, more focus and stave off possible crankiness.

4. Stretch and breathe:
Yawn, stretch but also take it up a notch with yoga, meditation or some rippin’ morning exercises. It’s an incredibly effective way to get your blood full of oxygen and make your body feel limbered up. Maybe one of our products might help you get there…

5. Plan your day:
It’s as easy as capturing all your daily responsibilities so that you can plan your day’s intentions – either digitally or in the old fashioned pen and journal way. This way, you’ll be constantly reminded of what you have set out for the day. If possible, try to do this the evening before so that you still have time to reprioritise if you forget something. Other things to consider the night before is clothing, files, medicine, weather forecast, appointments, meetings, business calendars, emails, etc. Sleep prepared so that you catch a good night’s sleep and wake up stress-free.
This might seem far-fetched to you now, but we guarantee that it isn’t, and if you start today, it’ll become easier. C’mon, it’s only 5 basic morning habits to a stress-free day… So, is it going to be one day or day one?


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