Best Music Apps For Workout Music

The Best Workout App? Try These 5 To Fit Your Workout Type

If you’re the type of person who likes to listen to music while you run or work out, you’re not alone – we lovvve it too! Music boosts workouts, and several scientific research have proved a positive correlation between listening to music and better performance.

We know that you don’t have time to make different playlists due to your busy life schedule, so these  5  best music apps for working out will expose you to new music while also keeping you feeling pumped!

  1. Spotify

Spotify is an excellent running music app that offers a wide range of playlists to listen to while working out; find them in the Workout playlist category. To access this playlist, open the app on your phone and go to Search > Workout.

Spotify Premium users can take advantage of an option in the mobile app that matches the tempo of workout music to your steps. As the feature is called, Running, first finds your cadence as you run, then it sets its songs to the same rhythm. It’s pretty simple compared to how other workout streaming music services work, but the transitions between songs are perfectly seamless. If you’re already a Spotify Premium subscriber, it’s worth checking out!

Best Music Apps For Workout Music Best Music Apps For Workout Music

  1. RockMyRun

RockyMyRun is all about the tempo. Also curated, their DJs make exercise mixes with steady tempos to keep up your endurance. It’s among the most favourite music apps and can automatically adjust the music to sync with your steps or heart rate. You can also set your preferred beats per minute, and the app will automatically find songs relevant to your match.

Remember that study suggests our performance hits a cap at 145BPM, and anything above that won’t give extra gains.

Prominently, RockMyRun’s benefits have been separately verified by scientists at the Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center. Scientists found the app can increase motivation and enjoyment by up to 35%.

Best Music Apps For Workout Music

  1. FIT Radio

FIT Radio’s curated mixes come in a bunch of shapes and sizes. They have workout specific mixes, new mixes daily, and a tap-and-play setup that doesn’t require creating playlists or caching any files. Of course, the mixes keep BPM and rhythm continuity.

The app has three distinct tabs, all of which combine to it make a leading running music app. 1) Coaching: provides access to recorded coaches who push you through your workout. 2) Music: provides specially curated DJs mixes that allow you to sort music by BPM, DJ, and workout activity. Every month, 150 new mixes are available to keep your workout time fresh. 3) Running: can match music to your pace. Just hit play, start jogging, and the app will take care of the rest.

Best Music Apps For Workout Music

  1. GYM Radio

Everything about GYM serves authentic gym-rat style with a dash of fist pump. It has three main stations based on what you’re doing; Cardio, Gym and Hardcore. Cardio is a little more upbeat to motivate your cadence. Gym is steady, inspirational, with a definite focus on what’s hot in the streets. Hardcore is music that allows no flinching and tells you to HTFU. New songs are added every day.

It has a “Workout Mode” that beeps at one-minute intervals to help you keep track of reps. It’s also the best workout radio app for showing off because it has a camera button in the app. Share your photo on Instagram and hashtag it (#gymradio) to get added to their hall of fame, which you can see within the Gym Radio app. Click on the photos there, and you end up on the Instagram shot; great for anyone trying to build an Instagram following for your hot bod.

Best Music Apps For Workout Music

  1. Spring

Spring Running Music is an iOS-only running music app. You’ll find it to be a good fit regardless of whether you’re looking for a workout music app or a running music app.

Importantly for some people, Spring Running Music is an app that plays music to your running pace. It will automatically detect your running rhythm and play the music that has a corresponding BPM. In total, it offers more than 100 different playlists packed with the best running music to listen to. You can also use Spring to design your own interval-based workout music playlists. There’s even a built-in GPS tracker for monitoring distances and calories burned.

Best Music Apps For Workout Music

So which is the best running music app? It’s a difficult question to answer and depends a lot on the type of workouts you do. So try each of these apps and find your favourite!

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