Indulgence, not overindulgence… Stay fit with Trojan this festive season

Stay fit @ home with Trojan this festive season!

’Tis indeed the season for indulgence with office parties, after-work drinks and multiple Christmas dinners with family and friends. With all the mince pies, boxes of chocolate and pigs-in-blankets, the festive season isn’t always so kind on our waistlines…

You can hear your inner health enthusiast saying hokaai! But let’s be honest; it’s hard to prioritise staying active, especially when you’re juggling a busy social calendar with shopping, baking, and attending festive get-togethers. But not to worry, Trojan is here to save the festive cheer!

Yip! From 1 to 24 December, we’re encouraging you to #StayFit with great prices on Trojan products available at Game and Makro stores nationwide! You can squeeze in a quick home workout before heading to your next jolly, or better yet, purchase one of our home exercise equipment as a Christmas gift and inspire your loved ones to do the same! (You’ll thank us later – Even if it isn’t used in December, it’ll definitely find its purpose in January).

However, we’re not here to be negative but rather to have a good time! So, shall we have a quick run through some of our Stay Fit goodies? Yes, we thought so too! (Biggest Smiles!)

Run, Forest, Run!

Nah, no one’s chasing you, we know… and you don’t have to run in the forest either because Trojan’s treadmills let you run at your own pace in the comfort of your own home! Just a quick 10min, let’s say 3 times a day, will have you feeling no guilt at all!

Our personal favourite (obviously all of them are…) – the big guy – Trojan TR1200 treadmill – will make you feel like running on clouds with the following features:

  • 1 -1 6 km/h Speed
  • 75 HP continuous motor
  • Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, 24 Programs, Incline
  • High-quality speakers, USB connection, MP3 player, headphone connection
  • Hand pulse sensor
  • Safety key
  • Automatic deck elevation range: 1 – 15%


Let’s take a spin!

We’re not going to focus on the Trojan spinners if you thought so… No, but we’re rowing the stay fit boat with this beaut! The Trojan Endurance Rower is excellent for quick cardio – you can even imagine yourself on a lake or in the ocean taking in the scenery if circumstances didn’t allow for a proper getaway this year… Enough time to work on your bod for next year with these features:

  • 8 Manual levels
  • Time, Distance, Count, Scan, Calories
  • Smooth gliding dual aluminium covered rail
  • Large LCD display
  • Air and magnetic resistance system


Yoga-ing somewhere?

Then take your Trojan small exercise equipment wherever you go! We have quite a few easily portable available – Duo Ab Wheels, Yoga Mats, Speed Ropes, Aerobic Steps, Anti-Burst Body Balls, and more! We’ll focus on the Anti-Burst Body Balls available in 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm for this blog. Bigger is always better (wink-wink), but what is it that you do with it during this season?!

Sit on it, lay on it and share it with others too. It’s great for shoulder exercises, strengthening your leg muscles, and getting 6-pack abs when performing crunches. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for posture, a flexible body, better balancing skills and a stronger spinal cord.

Anti burst body ball

We’ve just covered a tiny bit of what is available to Stay Fit at Home with Trojan. Click here to the entire catalogue, and make sure to get your equipment from your nearest Game and Makro stores today!

Keep on sharing your progress and your exercises with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck, and know that you’re capable of anything you put your mind to!


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