The proof is in muscle training: You’re never too old to start

It’s never too late to start your home gym! No, we’re not saying this only because our brand is all about home gym equipment. In fact, various studies have proven this. So, no matter your age or gender, now is the time to start improving your fitness and health.

Research shows that even those who have never worked out before, still have the same ability as a world-class athlete to build muscle, especially with resistance exercises such as weight training. Of course, if you’re a beginner, take it slow to avoid injury. You’ll see the evidence that even small amounts of exercise can make a big difference.

Just start

Don’t overthink it. It’s always going to be challenging trying to figure out what it is you want to get started with. Just decide what interests you most, what you need, and how long you’ll exercise daily. Getting more active is beneficial without a doubt, whether walking, elliptical machines, or exercise bikes.

However, diving right into strength training and resistance training is more ideal. Besides, if something will help you live longer, why not try something new in life? So, are you getting off the couch now?

Listen to your body

Everyone at a younger age took their bodies, and health for that matter, for granted. But now, it’s like checking your car even when the slightest warning signs appear. Pain, discomfort, and disease from years of negligence might be catching up with you, but it’s okay. Find something that’s doable for you, and stop when you need to.


For better workout sessions, ensure to warm up first. You will notice that every exercise routine starts with a simple warm-up because it helps prevent injuries. Efficient warm-up exercises prepare your body for workout sessions, and it’ll contribute to better workouts, adding more movement throughout the day. Be patient but persistent over time.

Where to start?

Moderate-intensity activity is safe for most people, but we suggest consulting your doctor before beginning an exercise routine to learn about the type and amount of activity that will work for you. Remember, just because you’re older doesn’t mean your body won’t love working out.

When you have the answers to the above, visit Trojan Health to view our weights and exercise programs, including warm-ups! Feel free to contact us should you have any specific questions.

Be sure to check out our suggested exercise programs for beginners:

You’ve got this!


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