Trojan Health - Relax your mind and body with these soothing songs!

Relax your mind and body with these soothing songs!

It’s been a long day at the office, and when you get into your car, there’s your choice of music to relax and manage stress… What is it?! It may seem like we live in an age of anxiety, where feeling worried, upset and stressed has become the norm, but we should all remember that anxiety is a natural response to situations.

However, it’s also important to acknowledge that even mild anxiety can have a negative effect on a productive life, and it interferes with us enjoying the little things in life. So how do we deal with this? Well, besides the other available options such as exercising, getting a massage, reading a book, etc., there is music!

Music has several powerful effects on the body and mind. It’s a powerful art form that can boost our mood, relieve stress, ease depression, provide pain relief, and even help us feel a range of emotions from excited and animated to calm and relaxed. The good part of it all is when combining music with meditation…

Especially when you struggle to sleep because of all the jim-jams going on in your head. The music can help your body relax by physically syncing your heart rate to the music, especially with deep meditation music (not quite hard rock or metal, but if it works for you, then great!) and preparing your body for sleep.

But how does one go about in choosing the right music that fits your unique needs and personality? To be honest, the internet is filled with nature sounds, classical music, binaural beats, ambient music, and modern music, but you need to enjoy the music being played. If you come across ‘the best meditation music ever!, it doesn’t mean it will jive with your taste.

By the way, meditation-, relaxation-, stressman-music, or whatever you may call it, can be helpful for anyone from the very young all the way to the elderly. So you have an option to get other family members to implement this into their lifestyles too!

Proposed meditation and soothing music playlists
Put on some headphones, close your eyes and listen to our chosen songs and playlists to help you calm your mind and body and build resilience toward stress over time. Ready?
Brian Eno’s album Ambient 1: Music For Airports holds “the kind of music one might hear in heaven”.
Peter Warlock’s Pieds-en-L’Air includes this soft and slow classical piece with a melody that you may have heard of as a child.
Deva Premal’s Om Namah Shivaya is slow-paced, and almost hypnotic music combined with her clear vocals feels very supportive.
• Not familiar with the above? This one you should know – Adele’s Someone Like You offers many a sense of calm and reflection.
Ludovico Einaudi’s I Giorni is a piano piece with repetitive motifs and a steady tempo that evokes a dreamlike state with moments of light and brightness.
Listen to Gabriel Fauré’s In Paradisum as it provides a feeling of serenity with the accompanied choir and organ.
• Part of the jazz-folk? Then Anouar Ibrahem’s Stopover at Djibouti has hypnotic motifs that can seem almost meditative.
• How about some Stefan Nilsson? Wilma’s Theme has a simple melody and harmonies that provide a safe landing place.

Here is another excellent relaxation playlist to add to your soothing music collection! Remember to close your eyes – namaste!


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