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Life’s busy, no time for exercise! Yoga with your kids might help.

Has life just got so busy that you’ve been craving some sort of exercise? But there are the kids that need your attention that it just seems impossible to have some alone time? Have you considered yoga?

We know, we know, peppering you with questions as if you don’t receive enough of those daily… Yet, we’re serious. You might think that kids and yoga just don’t mix, but research states that yoga exercises may help children cope with stress and balance life and mental health. It also teaches them to stay focused, be disciplined, and much more.

Therefore, it is good to start teaching yoga to kids early, as it benefits their physical growth and emotional and overall well-being. Find a quiet room and hold the poses for 3 or 4 breaths. Don’t eat heavily before doing yoga since you will be twisting your organs, and most of all, have fun together!

8 Yoga poses to do with your kids

  1. Pretzel

Sit tall in a cross-legged position. Stretch one arm across your body and rest it on your knee. Stretch your other hand behind you and breathe in deeply. Breathe in and out three or four times slowly before switching.

Trojan Health - Pretzel pose

  1. Cobra

 Lie flat on your tummy with your elbows bent. Slowly lift your chest so your elbows are under your chest and your legs straight behind you.

Trojan Health - Cobra pose

  1. Jack-in-the-box

Sit straight up, pulling up your knees to your chest. Wrap your arms around your knees and point your forehead to your knees, breathing out. Breathe in while lifting your head. Repeat this as often as you want.

Trojan Health - Jack in the box pose

  1. Yoga

Stand straight with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift your arms over your head, stretching your body into a Y-shape. Stay here and breathe deeply.

Trojan Health - Yoga Pose

  1. Oyster

Sit up straight with the bottoms of your feet together. Slide your arms underneath your knees, touching the floor with your elbows. Breathe in and out slowly while reaching your forehead to your feet.

Trojan Health - Yoga Pose

  1. Eagle

Stand tall. Slightly bend your knees. Place your right leg over your left one. Cross your right arm over your left one. Breathe in and out three or four times, then switch sides.

Trojan Health - Eagle Pose

  1. Easy Pose

Sit up straight in a cross-legged position. Softly place your hands on your knees, palms facing up. Breathe in and out deeply to calm your body.

Trojan Health - Easy pose

  1. Elephant

Stand up straight, then fold forward. Interlace your hands, swinging them side to side like an elephant’s trunk.

Trojan Health - Elephant pose

Let your kid start with one or two of these basic poses and realise the beauty of this practice. There are different styles of yoga, including body postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. So, while teaching yoga for kids, you may consider focusing on the movement and making it interesting for them initially. Once you can get them interested, consider adding breathing and meditation. When you’ve mastered the basic, here are 58 fun and easy yoga poses for kids to try out.

Remember to have fun and figure out which pose does your little one love most!


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